Atari ST - 1989/1992 - released to the public in 2004

I have always loved shooters. The first game I ever wanted to program was a Space Invaders or a R*Type. Technically, it was fairly difficult to echieve that with an Atari ST. I was also young and didn't have much technical support...
Bold was my latest attempt to create a shooter for the Atari ST.

I've never completed Bold', which was an updated version of Bold, with better sounds and sharper graphics. But the game contains nevertheless tons of weapons and 5 levels. The player is able to transform his fighter-ship into a robot and each form comes with special characteristics...

But in May 2004, I decided to revisit my 12 years old lines of code and I finally released a playable and free version of Bold to the public! It was an incredible experience and I hope to do the same with all and every one of my "old" games.

Once again, I would like to thank Atari Legend for their fantastic support, but also Alive HQ, ST Magazine, the Atari ST fan scene and you.

DOWNLOAD BOLD version 1.1b ( - 348K)

BOLD game's documentation


BOLD is 1989,2004 - Laurent KERMEL