Atari ST - 1993

World'ed was a world editor and generator closely related to Malstorm and I created it around 1993. The Editor allows you to create your own terrains, by pushing or pulling land (in a way similar to Bullfrog's Populous) from a top view. Some random functions based on the same rules used in Malstorm could create random worlds. My idea was the use a similar method to create the planets from Malstorm.

Then things would become a bit more interesting. You could switch to a 3D view and see the world thus created. I didn't write "proper" 3D projection but my own 3D algorithms... I couldn't really turn around the world, but I could zoom in or move to the side, and the rendering had this nice horizon curvature. Sadly the Atari ST was not powerful enough to do any more than this - I had more functions that could use sprite rocks and trees but render times where really slow... I invite you to look at more recent attempts to experiment the same algorithms on more powerful PCs: 3D WORLDs

Here is an animation rendered within the program. Such animations would often take a whole night to render... Somehow, I now know where I get my patience from...

WORLD'ED is 1992 - Laurent KERMEL