Atari ST - 1989/1992 - released to the public in 2004

Wiliness is a long serie of RPG games I created for the Atari ST when I was a kid. The first Wiliness, from 1987 or 1988, was similar to Ultima by Lord British. I was 14 years old. The game presented here is the last episode (Wiliness 3) and was started in 1989 and the last touch was probably added around 1992. The game was inspired by the great Dungeon Master from FTL. The game is sadly not finished, but 6 levels are playable with more than 18 different kind of monsters and tons of items and spells. I translated the game in English in 2004 and released it to the public.

You can download the game either from this site but also from the Dead Hacker Society web site. Thanks again to DHS but also to Atari Legend for their incredible support.

DOWNLOAD WILINESS version 1.0b (wiliness.zip - 544K)

1. Quick introduction

2. How to play

3. The origins of the Mantacores

4. The Gallery and how to create your team

5. The Story

6. The Spell Book
7. List of items (spoiler !)

8. The Bestiary (spoiler !)

9. Original Art Work

10. The Wiliness series

11. level 1 - map (spoiler !)

WILINESS III is 1989,2004 - Laurent KERMEL